Friday, August 6, 2010

STRESS!!! =_=

This is the longest and stressful week I think I've ever had. I don't know why but it's just stressful. Well, most of the stress comes from my health plus the stress from my classmates and lots more. But to be exact there's soo little amount of school wrok that needs to be done.

I cried like a lot of times this week cause of stress. I can't beleive it. It is just too stressful. i don't think I've ever been this stressful even when I was doing the StarNIE project .

Okay since I'm all better (i think) I'll just stop here I guess cause I don't feel like talking about thos stressful things. Oh yeah, and my computer is now in a really BAD condition so, I'll try my best to keep updating this blog. n_n

p.s ; I just read a manga about this girl who writes a blog novel.. hmm.. I'm thinking of making one too ^-^