Friday, August 20, 2010


Every year on the 31st of August the whole country would take a holiday as that day was the day Malaysia became an independence country, a country that is not ruled by any other bigger countries. Since, now is the month of August, our school have organised lots of activities that is about Independence Day. And one of them is that to decorate the class with the independence theme. So, lots of flags are put up.

Today, at 2.30pm, We (my class) decided to decorate our class. My job wasn't much. Just put up some crunched newspaper (recycle people, don't kill more trees) and then paint over it. It was fun and of course tiring. My neck went stiff after looking up for so long while painting. I took some pictures.

Besides that, nothing really happened. Oh! and remember in the mid-year where i told about going to SUKBEL the 6 day camp? (did i tell ? or not?) I showed to my friend the pic that I took with him. And she said he was cute. (duh, of course) then, she showed the picture to my other friend and teacher and they both thought he was cute. .... I still can't believe that I took that picture with him. n_n