Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ughh.. today was a HUGE mess. I don't know why but today me personality was so weird. Not to say that I'm always nice to anything but today I think i was being really mean.

First of all I want to apologize to my dearest friend FAiry. I know we haven't been friends for so long but I've come to think of you as of of the dearest friends of mine.
I'm so sorry, I don't know why but it just came out of my mouth. Trust me I really had no bad intentions :C . Besides fairy, I also want to apologize to my sempais (seniors in japanese) TOday, for some reason this mouth won't shut -_-' I don't know if you (my sempais) can hear this apology or not but the thought still counts, right? (maybe not) .. But still I'm sorry T-T Sorry, 申し訳ありません, 미안하게 생각하는, t s

I hope you all forgive me. ^~^ . Today, I felt really bad .. (literally) . 1st cause I said all those bad things. 2nd for some reason my stomach hurt and so did my head. Oh, speaking of stomach hurt, I borrowed Fairy's minyak Yoo-yi (is this the right spelling?) And then, I upset her before I can even thank her for it.. Ughhh.. the guilt is killing me! :C.. FAiry, sorry 미안하게