Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful Friends

continuing. ..

fairy> you are also one of the person that helped me change. I beleive that you were the one that invited me to go out fo rthe first time in my life. I can't beleive it when you suddenly just ask me to go with you guys to but stuff for class. I was like a dream. Also Kemy for always being cheerful and helpful. Thank you both very much.

well, actually i have more to say but I'll just cut it short. I don't know why I'm writing this but I just suddnely feel like telling the world. hehe >_< . You guys are so good to me and so wonderful. I wish I could be like you guys. I know you will read this post sooner or later but I hope you won't treat me any different like I'm a helpless girl. No. I'm not a helpless girl anymore. I wanna be strong but along the way I will need your help n_n. thanks so much for being my friend and also for still being my friends. I hope that one day I can help you guys just as much as you have done for me. and also that we'll always be friends forever