Monday, August 2, 2010

Just for laughs? = NO!

WARNING! The text below may contain some excessive emotions such as hatred. Please be aware that I am just letting out my feelings and not blaming anyone. If anyone feel as do the feelings in content below is meant for them please take responsibility. The content below only contains the truth. Please be awared

Today wasn't exactly the greatest day. In fact it was almost the opposite :C *note: today I'm fasting and i didn't woke up early to eat something so, practically I'm starving here*

Since, I'm fasting I don't have to go anywhere during recess. So, I just stood outside the classroom and talked to some of my friends. After recess was Geography. Our teacher was a bit late. So, during that time, my friends wanted to paste some stickers to make the class look good. While I was helping (not really helping; more like supervising :D) suddenly, one of the guys in my class called me and told me to see what a friend of mine did. And of course, they (the guys) did it!

They are just the bunch of idiots that have no idea to do anything good! *huh* Take that! :P (really angry >:P) Sorry, I haven't told you yet what they did ... They dumped all their trash (food wrappers, plastic and even a polystyrene cup) into my bag. There were not like one or two but quite a few especially chocolate/candy wrappers. SO, I took them out of my bag and told them to get rid of it. But, the most idiotic guy who thinks he's so great (again sorry, really pouring out what's in the heart) but actually the fact is he's NOT! said; "Hey, when our geography teacher comes let's tell her that (I) did it", at that moment I couldn't think and went to him and slapped him at the arm. But, since I'm fasting I can't do bad things. HE's so lucky that I'm fasting cause I really wanted to slap him (at the face) plus when I'm hit him it wasn't even that hard.

After that they all laughed. I mean are they stupid or dumb or something? Not only did the guys laugh, even some of the girls did too.. I don't know why but my friends were too busy placing stickers that they did not even come to me. Okay, fine, Maybe I was just hoping too much. I should know how to stick for myself. Then, I went and get the broom and dustpan and sweep the mess that those idiot don't know how to clean! They all just watched and did nothing but continued their ... whatever!

DOne sweeping I went to the back of the class to find my friends so absorbed in the stickers. What can I do? I can't just go to them and complain like a child? But, after a few seconds I couldn't take it. It was too much. I mean, it was horrible for them to dumped trash that we ate and then laugh and what's worst was they just watched me sweep it! Who do they think I am some sort of person who has no feelings? Well, their WRONG! Just cause for some reason I'm nice and can't really yelled or be mad at people doesn't mean I can't feel what their doing. Stupid peoples. >:P

(continuing) Before tears could drop, I went to the toilet alone. I was lucky as not to be seen crying by anyone. But, as soon as I reach the bathroom, immediately, tears start to form. I don't know why but it just won't stop. Why? Was it too much? I don't think so, but it really really hurt T-T I think, if it wasn't for that junior I would probably cry until one of my classmate come and ask me what's wrong. Thank you 감사합니다 ありがとう, n_n

I thought that she would just ignore me, crying there at the corner but she asked me "hey, are you okay?" , "why are you crying?", That moment I remembered again that I'm not alone, I have friends. Just because I suffered most of my life doesn't mean that I'll always keep suffering. I just have to keep look up and ahead. But, at that time, i was so touch but her simple yet meaningful question, I just burst into tears ans told her about those idiots . What to do? I was filled with rage. Then, she had to go she asked me what class am I in. SO i told her and exchanged it with her. Then, I knew that she was a junior. I think that she was so brave to just talk to a person that is her senior. I think I wanna be able to be like that; to be able to just talk to anyone without feeling discouraged .. Either way, still thank you ^_^ . Your deed, I will always remember.

After that, I don't feel like crying and also thought that the teacher is probably already in class. I went and tried to control my feelings for a while, but sooner or later their gonna ask for something. I know it way too well. As expected one of the main idiots ; アイマン called my name from behind, since I don't want to yell i just pretended like i didn't hear it.

Time flew by fast, and it's last period. アイマン switched place with the guy in front of me. I knew it sooner or later I would have to talk to him. It wasn't that I didn't want to forgive but (well, actually i did forgave him, for some reasons ; i don't know why?) I want him to know that what he did was really, terrible, horrible, mean , evil etc. We all finished our exercise early so the teacher told us to do anything. While, I was talking to my friend ミミ, ハニフ, my class monitor told me to call アイマン for him. .. Okay, you're probably bored listening to my story.. so, to cut it short, basically he talked to me and it was impossible to ignore so, I told him to APOLOGIZE! Then, after a few seconds of wasted breathe he finally apologized . SO, That's it I guess..

P.S : Since It's so hard for me to explain to you what happened (as in tell you who is who) I'll just simple put their "names" using the Japanese Hiragana . or is it Kanji.