Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since now is the month of Ramadhan (when we muslims fast) and only eat like twice a day only. Of course our body would go through changes right? Well, its most probably and likely to get slim and lost weight. Last time I weighed was like early June and my weight was 41 (my height is 155cm) . After i went to SUKBEL, my weight drop 2kg to 39 . It's probably because I didn't ate for like 1 and a half day cause the food they served were fish and vegs. I mean, I'm not that picky of an eater but what can I do. What i don't eat, I won't eat. So, anyway. Just now after my family finished our meal after a day of not eating. My dad said "Hey, we should measure our weights and see by the end of the month to see the difference."

At first of course, I don't want to. I mean, I was stuffed just now. (We had Lasagnea-is this spelling, right?) SO, I now weigh 40kg. NO!!! to me that's heavy cause until I am 160cm I don't wanna be in the 40kg range. *sigh* even my big bro os 49kg. (That's light for a guy) He said the last time he weighed he was 56! 56 people! that's a HUGE difference! *sigh*

Okay, from now. Excersice ! Dance! It's been awhile since I last danced. n_n - Hope next time weighing i'll be 38kg n_n (I think that's possible)