Thursday, August 19, 2010

Set the truth!

You know how I always complain about the guys in my class. Well, today it seems like they crossed the line! They've been bullying this other guy in my class who is a good friend and have always always been patient. But, the bullying that they did today really seemed to have crossed the line. After they did what they did (hide away his shoe in the class) they acted as if they did nothing. NOTHING! I mean seriously what kind of person would do that and none , NONE of them looks like they feel guilty! As a friend I feel the pain that he is suffering. And so did some , no most of the girls in the class.

After that, my friends and I went to Caunselling Room and made a session. We tried not to tell that they did that and all but in the end we gave up and just set the truth. We told i guess almost everything. I even told about how the dumped trash in my bag and when telling it I can feel back the pain which hurt so much and also when I heard my friends' stories, ... we all cried .. i mean .. we're human beings.. Human beings have feelings and we have the right to protect those feelings. I just don't understand why they could all do that?

You know, earlier this year, they weren't so bad. Of course they still weren't 'good' but they were okay. But, I just don't know what made them to suddenly take a huge leap from ' a bit naughty' to becoming ' horribly worse'. I just really hope they find back their tracks because if that happens, it'll happen for the befinit of both parties.