Friday, July 30, 2010

Give it up?

No way! I'm not trying to be selfish or anything but I don't wanna give up my seat in my class -,-.. Okay, this may sounds childish but I am perfectly fine at my seat .... wait .. hmm.... Am i really being selfish.. cause the others that want to change seats are those who claim to be short-sighted (poor vision) . The guys are trying to convince the teacher so that the guys sit at the front of the class while the girls sit at the back. To me that's so not fair cause I to me, being at the back is like being in another separate world where we can see the people at the front but maybe they can't see us or just mind their own business. Even at the assembly I hate coming late cause then,I'd have to sit at the back. -,-

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a song or sin?

I just found the eng subbed for Shinee's new comeback song which is Lucifer. I've actually had doubts about that song cause 'Lucifer' is the original name of Satan, the archangel and traitor of God. So, since I'm a muslim, we cannot permit anything that has to do with the devil. Even if the song is a metaphor. So, now that I know the meaning of the song. i can't listen to the song anymore or else It would be a great sin. I don't know how my friend will take this. Even I, myself have almost memorized the song by now. Ugh.. What to do? I so, gotta do something and ..... -_-? .. I wonder if they already know.. ?

p.s If you guys wanna see it yourself here's the video here's the link to the video :

Monday, July 26, 2010

Remembering the old days~

As the title said, Today, I got to flash back memories when i was having the year of my life (2008) and also the year where everything went wrong (2009.

Today, school ended at 1.50p.m cause there was no assembly due to a wet Monday morning. SO, I went back early. My friend, FAiry came to my house in the evening to do 'study group'. Just by chance my mom wasn't home (she went to sent my sis to the dentist) . While "studying", I talked a lot about the year 2009 & 2008. I started my telling her about how I've been transferred school like 3 times! Then, when I went to the story in 2008 I remembered about My bff ; Sarah and also him. When, I was talking about him, I could feel the heartbeat that I felt during those times. Oh, how sweet were those memories~ ♥

I helped my mom in the kitchen (again) for dinner. I accidentally cut myself while peeling the potatoes T-T .... My finger is now covered in blood. It was a pretty deep cut. But, now I'm brave at facing stuff like that. Usually before, I would panic and scream and yell for the medicine.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bored -_-

Right now, I'm really really bored... *sigh* actually i have a lot to do but i'm just really lazy to do it now. I feel like watching a drama or movie or just listen to a bunch of songs. ..

Today, I didn't do much. I woke up, after getting myself ready (bath, clean the room) I helped my mom cook lunch then watch a drama on TV. Oh, this drama ; Bread, Love and Dreams is actually a drama that I've been waiting to watch. The drama stars Yoon Si Yoon. I think i could be a fan of him anytime soon. Either way, I soo don't want to miss another episode of it.

After lunch, I went to my room and did a bunch of exercise (suddenly hyperactive). Then, used the computer and read what's updated about the K-pop world. At 4.40, Ah, I forgot DreamTEam! Well, I managed to watch the beginning and ending but the middle part not soo much, cause my family needed to pray. So.. Today, dream team Eunhyuk finally won after 6 or 7 months. Well, even though i don't like him as he is Minho's rival but I think i can be happy for him (btw, he's also Donghae's best friend, so..) .

Oh~ today I discovered that the girl in He's Beautiful. As Yoon He-yi is actually a member of After school. No wonder she looked so familiar. wow~ didn't saw that coming. and also I found some of the OST for God of Study which I've been searching for this whole time. Among the songs are T-max's At least once, 4minute's Dreams come true and also Ft triple's You don't know.

Well, that's it for now. I don't wanna type any longer (you'll probably get bored reading this) ..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2nd attempt > barely pass

I've been interested in cooking nowdays. So, my mom asked me what is my fav food. And i answered Fried Kuew Tiau. (I eat it almost everyday at school).TOday, my mom told me to cook it for dinner. (this is my 2nd attempt) It didn't turn out so well, but it taste delicious (to me) , But, my sis wanted to help by frying the keropok. But, instead she burnt it well, actually most of it. -_- *sigh* what to do with her

Baby Minho ♥ Pics

I just got back from visiting Baby Minho. Apparently, since my mom won't let me keep it, I left it with my friend at her house. I can visit anytime. .. BTW, I found out that it is actually a 'she' . as in a female cat.. Either way, we still want to continue it's name as Minho♥ Here's some pic that i took when i visited her today

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rearranged .. again?

Today at school we just got our new timetable for like the 4 th time this year. -__- . . and again, NOT ACCEPTABLE! .. jeez, why can't they make us a decent one. I mean, the teacher that we want to replace won't change and the teacher that we might want to stay with us changed. And P.E is on Thursday! Why? Why? It was soo better when it was Friday. I mean, we don't have to change back to our uncomfortable (to me) uniforms. I don't even get the reason why they went to all the trouble to make us change back to our uniforms. Our P.E clothes already have our school logo on it :P .. Of course, as soon as everyone saw the new timetable they all were .... (bickering) .. I wouldn't blame them. I agree! ^_^ starting next week we have to adjust ourselves with the new timetable. Ughhh..

I can't wait to start using it~ (sarcasm). . What's more, our science teacher just rearranged our seats in the lab. Now, my table (still at the front row n_n) consist of 6 students including me, and thank goodness i have my friend. And also 3 guys. I don't know whether to think that as a good thing or bad. Cause, they seem to think that they got lucky cause I'm in the same group (probably cause I've got the highest score for science so far,) .. *sigh*

Baby Minho~

Today, I found a baby cat; still an infant. .. well, I didn't actually found it but more like my brother found it and asked me to help him to raise it. But, my mom didn't approve of us having another cat especially a kitten. So, Me and my friend, Fairy~ decided to raise it together. It is a cute little black-colored cat, and Fairy said it was a wildcat. I was the one that suggested to name it ' Minho' after Shinee's Choi Minho. The reason was because at that time, we were waiting for Shinee's comeback performance. So, since i am a fan of Minho, I kept saying Minho, when will he appear? Then, I just thought that it was a nice name for it. Since, it's fur color was just like Minho's hair (black and short). n_n Well, that's all i can write for now. But, later I'll post pics of baby Minho ♥

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shining SHINEE~

Yay~ after a long wait. Finally shinee will be performing their comeback tomorrow : 23rd of July 2010 - Friday on KBS Music Bank! I can't wait to see their performance and also Minho! ♥ I can't believe Minho got injured (hurt his leg) just before their comeback. Minho oppa, hope you get well soon. .. BTW, it said on allkpop that for tomorrow's performance Minho will perform but just not dance :C

New resolutions

Okay, Starting now, I've decided to be active in the cyworld. I don't mean like addicted to it till I can't live without a computer but just like always update my blog, facebook, twitter and such. n_n. I actually want to do this because : my friend(s) told me too. and also cause this way I think i can make more friends. Okay, for now, this is the only thing that I can post cause my sister wants to use the computer. But, I'll keep you updated from time to time ~

Monday, July 12, 2010


I don't know if i'm invisible at school or not. But, I thought that this year at least the whole class knows my existence. But, . . . :C . . Last friday, I didn't went to school cause i had a denstist appointment. And today at school there was a Science test! Nobody even bothered to tell me :C

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Used to ..

I started to have friends again this year. But, even though I have them, It's sometimes lonely when they're not with me.. I want to always be happy and can be friends with anyone. Today, my friends told me to have a conversation with them by using 'I' and 'You' using the informal language. But, I just can't. They said it was awkward to talk with me using the formal way .. Ok. No matter what I will try my best to get use to saying it! *Fighting!*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've tried

Today, I think I can interact with the class easily. But, there are times when I feel left out. I don't want that. It feels lonely. I want to be able to be in the sunshine ☼ .. always.. ☺


This is my first post for this blog. I've decided to post a blog about my feelings for today. Actually, I've just read this manga, which was about a girl who was never noticed. Sometimes i feel that way. But, this year I've decided to change n_n.. I want to be able to read this blog in the future and know the changes that I've gone through.