Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Minho~

Today, I found a baby cat; still an infant. .. well, I didn't actually found it but more like my brother found it and asked me to help him to raise it. But, my mom didn't approve of us having another cat especially a kitten. So, Me and my friend, Fairy~ decided to raise it together. It is a cute little black-colored cat, and Fairy said it was a wildcat. I was the one that suggested to name it ' Minho' after Shinee's Choi Minho. The reason was because at that time, we were waiting for Shinee's comeback performance. So, since i am a fan of Minho, I kept saying Minho, when will he appear? Then, I just thought that it was a nice name for it. Since, it's fur color was just like Minho's hair (black and short). n_n Well, that's all i can write for now. But, later I'll post pics of baby Minho ♥