Monday, July 26, 2010

Remembering the old days~

As the title said, Today, I got to flash back memories when i was having the year of my life (2008) and also the year where everything went wrong (2009.

Today, school ended at 1.50p.m cause there was no assembly due to a wet Monday morning. SO, I went back early. My friend, FAiry came to my house in the evening to do 'study group'. Just by chance my mom wasn't home (she went to sent my sis to the dentist) . While "studying", I talked a lot about the year 2009 & 2008. I started my telling her about how I've been transferred school like 3 times! Then, when I went to the story in 2008 I remembered about My bff ; Sarah and also him. When, I was talking about him, I could feel the heartbeat that I felt during those times. Oh, how sweet were those memories~ ♥

I helped my mom in the kitchen (again) for dinner. I accidentally cut myself while peeling the potatoes T-T .... My finger is now covered in blood. It was a pretty deep cut. But, now I'm brave at facing stuff like that. Usually before, I would panic and scream and yell for the medicine.