Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a song or sin?

I just found the eng subbed for Shinee's new comeback song which is Lucifer. I've actually had doubts about that song cause 'Lucifer' is the original name of Satan, the archangel and traitor of God. So, since I'm a muslim, we cannot permit anything that has to do with the devil. Even if the song is a metaphor. So, now that I know the meaning of the song. i can't listen to the song anymore or else It would be a great sin. I don't know how my friend will take this. Even I, myself have almost memorized the song by now. Ugh.. What to do? I so, gotta do something and ..... -_-? .. I wonder if they already know.. ?

p.s If you guys wanna see it yourself here's the video here's the link to the video :