Friday, July 23, 2010

Rearranged .. again?

Today at school we just got our new timetable for like the 4 th time this year. -__- . . and again, NOT ACCEPTABLE! .. jeez, why can't they make us a decent one. I mean, the teacher that we want to replace won't change and the teacher that we might want to stay with us changed. And P.E is on Thursday! Why? Why? It was soo better when it was Friday. I mean, we don't have to change back to our uncomfortable (to me) uniforms. I don't even get the reason why they went to all the trouble to make us change back to our uniforms. Our P.E clothes already have our school logo on it :P .. Of course, as soon as everyone saw the new timetable they all were .... (bickering) .. I wouldn't blame them. I agree! ^_^ starting next week we have to adjust ourselves with the new timetable. Ughhh..

I can't wait to start using it~ (sarcasm). . What's more, our science teacher just rearranged our seats in the lab. Now, my table (still at the front row n_n) consist of 6 students including me, and thank goodness i have my friend. And also 3 guys. I don't know whether to think that as a good thing or bad. Cause, they seem to think that they got lucky cause I'm in the same group (probably cause I've got the highest score for science so far,) .. *sigh*