Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow~ it's been long since I last updated this blog. WEll, It's not my fault -,- the computer isn't feeling so well and it seems to dislike blogspot. (sorry, but it keeps on crashing everytime I type blogspot). Anyway, I can finally sign in back. SO, .... -_-' uh ..

Oh! I'll start with what I've been up to. Hehe.. remember when I said I wanted to learn after school's and snsd's song. WEll, I mastered it.. well, actually just the chorus. Snsd's song Genie; I can do the whole song but I just can't really listen to them cause of hatred and jealousy .. >P hehe .. It's cause Snsd's maknae is 'married' to Jung Yonghwa > Leader of C.N. Blue. I hate it when in variety shows where the MC had to say 'MARRIED TO SNSD SEOHYUN' .. I mean , almost all of Yonghwa's fan girl are against it. I think Yonghwa should choose his fans instead of that .... her ..

So, know I've decided to take the challege of dance that I've been waiting for... I'm learning SHINee's dance!.. Wow~ They are really thin and slim and GREAT DANCERS! . I mean seriously . I been practicing hard and I know can do the chorus for Love like Oxygen n_n...

*snaps finger* JUST REMEMBERED! Last week was the episode of Dream TEam where they went to Hong Kong, China. In that episode Donghae ♥ was there. ^^ *screams* I took 59 pictures of him using my camera from TV. Means, I watched that episode while holding a camera in my hand and click evrytime I see DOnghae ♥