Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update ..

wow~ it feels like ages since i log in this blog. hmm... it kinda feels different. *sigh* what can i do? my computer is busted and now i need to borrow my onee-san's laptop. (which he can just kick me out anytime he wants to; since it is HIS laptop) T-T ... I miss being on the computer.. But it's actually not good for my health.

I think there are so many stories i want to share with .. everyone? i guess maybe just my friends. Besides i'm sure that whoever is reading this are my friends. I think if i were to share 'everything' it would be too late already cause i don't have that super duper of a memory (i wonder where i can go to upgrade my memory). I'll just try my best to update this blog about whatever is happening in my life. It's kinda hard cause now i have 2 blogs and to update both blog at once is ... a bit difficult. then again, i can just copy and paste. hmm... -_-