Sunday, September 26, 2010

Repunzel, Let down your beautiful hair~

Okay, this post is gonna be about hair. As a girl, female , hair is like our best friends next to jewelery (that's what most people say;but in my case i don't really prefer the bling-bling). And there are many different styles of hairs out there. there are long, short, wavy, curly , straight and many more. All depending on the person which the hair grows on.

In my case, i prefer the long and wavy. But so far that dream hair is just like wanting to walk on air.. impossible.. *sigh* Well, to be exact that hair is not REALLY impossible just getting no where near. Y? cause whenever my mom sees my hair long and past my shoulder she would strike and wanting to cut it.. And of course every time i would defend it and end up .... > crying T-T ... boo hooo...

Not anymore, my hair is now a bit long and past my shoulder and i'm trying to keep it long.. hehe :D..Oh yeah , and recently my friends just cut their hair short! i was like 'WHAAAAAATTTTT???!!!!!!!! and also YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????? .. To me that is such a waste.. then again their situations are just like mine where as their moms told them to cut it. And i guess we as daughters must obey them.. *sigh* .. I thinking of one day owning a hair as pretty like Bora , sistar ...