Sunday, September 26, 2010

1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4

It's time to dance! Since you all know that i love to dance, well the k-pop wave had already hit my country and not only do they have awesome songs but great choreography. So, far i manage to learn one song full and now on the way to finishing to other songs. The song that i can do the full choreography is 'Super junior's It's you'. The songs that i'm learning now are SHINee's Lucifer and also Sistar's Shady Girl. SHINee's song, i guess i can say 86% done. I haven't given up yet just resting from it cause of frustration over not getting it right. And also sistar's song is catchy and besides, i just watch a video of a guy .. i repeat, a GUY doing shady girl ! I mean, i'm a girl and i can't do it yet. After i watch the video i felt like i was threaten and beaten. So, i wanna show that i as a girl of course can do a girl's group dance n_n... So, right now, i'm still learning "hwaiting'!

Repunzel, Let down your beautiful hair~

Okay, this post is gonna be about hair. As a girl, female , hair is like our best friends next to jewelery (that's what most people say;but in my case i don't really prefer the bling-bling). And there are many different styles of hairs out there. there are long, short, wavy, curly , straight and many more. All depending on the person which the hair grows on.

In my case, i prefer the long and wavy. But so far that dream hair is just like wanting to walk on air.. impossible.. *sigh* Well, to be exact that hair is not REALLY impossible just getting no where near. Y? cause whenever my mom sees my hair long and past my shoulder she would strike and wanting to cut it.. And of course every time i would defend it and end up .... > crying T-T ... boo hooo...

Not anymore, my hair is now a bit long and past my shoulder and i'm trying to keep it long.. hehe :D..Oh yeah , and recently my friends just cut their hair short! i was like 'WHAAAAAATTTTT???!!!!!!!! and also YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????? .. To me that is such a waste.. then again their situations are just like mine where as their moms told them to cut it. And i guess we as daughters must obey them.. *sigh* .. I thinking of one day owning a hair as pretty like Bora , sistar ...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My birthday!

Happy birthday to me~, happy birthday to me~, happy birthday to me! yay! It's finally my birthday.

Yesterday was the 25th of September which is none other than my birthday. Well, i'm not the ONLY person who is born on the 25th but either way, Happy Birthday to me and all that is born on that date. n_n. At first i thought it was going to be the most boring b-day ever! But, the mood turn upside down but nightfall. (which is a bit late )

After maghrib prayer, we (my family and i) went out to have dinner to celebrate my b-day. which we also do on anyone in my family's b-day. It was kinda boring at first but i guess i could say it was a blast. the reason y is was kinda boring was that my parents were in a rush the whole time cause there's this movie on tv. It kinda hurt me like, they were too concern of the time and they keep asking to hurry or they'll miss the starting. -_- ... by the time we got home it already started ... okay skip this part..

9 o'clock .. I don't know why but lately i kept sleeping around this hour. I get sleepy when it gets 9pm. So, yesterday, around that time, i was on the bed trying to sleep (i feel sick , but inside i fell okay, what i mean is that i feel like vomitting) ughgh.. Suddenly, i heard MBLAQ 's one better day ringtone> the sign i got a text message. Sleepily, i ask my onee-san to get me my phone. My best friend fairy wished me happy b-day. n_n then, later i got another text, my also best friend amira wish me too. But her's was a multimedia text. It was pretty. then, we text and she said that a lot of people wished me on my b-day on fb.

Today, i log in to fb account to find 26 people wish my b-day. I'm so touch and happy. Thank u, that wished my birthday. I guess it wasn't the boring-est birthday. n_n ..

Update ..

wow~ it feels like ages since i log in this blog. hmm... it kinda feels different. *sigh* what can i do? my computer is busted and now i need to borrow my onee-san's laptop. (which he can just kick me out anytime he wants to; since it is HIS laptop) T-T ... I miss being on the computer.. But it's actually not good for my health.

I think there are so many stories i want to share with .. everyone? i guess maybe just my friends. Besides i'm sure that whoever is reading this are my friends. I think if i were to share 'everything' it would be too late already cause i don't have that super duper of a memory (i wonder where i can go to upgrade my memory). I'll just try my best to update this blog about whatever is happening in my life. It's kinda hard cause now i have 2 blogs and to update both blog at once is ... a bit difficult. then again, i can just copy and paste. hmm... -_-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Needs to be updated

The computers broken and that has left me behind in the cyber world. Things hasn't really gotten better. Most of my technology stuff (computer, phone, pendrive, camera etc) aren't in their best shape. *sigh*What to do?

It's raya season and the month of Ramadhan has left. May we see it again next year. Even before the 1st day of raya i was quite busy (no, the whole family) with the cleaning and all , So, many things happened. Right now, I'm using my brother's laptop. I'm trying to upload all the pictures in my camera but it looks like my attempt is failing. For some weird reason the folder won't open.

i think I'll just type till here. Feel free to wait for my next update. I wonder when will that be ?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow~ it's been long since I last updated this blog. WEll, It's not my fault -,- the computer isn't feeling so well and it seems to dislike blogspot. (sorry, but it keeps on crashing everytime I type blogspot). Anyway, I can finally sign in back. SO, .... -_-' uh ..

Oh! I'll start with what I've been up to. Hehe.. remember when I said I wanted to learn after school's and snsd's song. WEll, I mastered it.. well, actually just the chorus. Snsd's song Genie; I can do the whole song but I just can't really listen to them cause of hatred and jealousy .. >P hehe .. It's cause Snsd's maknae is 'married' to Jung Yonghwa > Leader of C.N. Blue. I hate it when in variety shows where the MC had to say 'MARRIED TO SNSD SEOHYUN' .. I mean , almost all of Yonghwa's fan girl are against it. I think Yonghwa should choose his fans instead of that .... her ..

So, know I've decided to take the challege of dance that I've been waiting for... I'm learning SHINee's dance!.. Wow~ They are really thin and slim and GREAT DANCERS! . I mean seriously . I been practicing hard and I know can do the chorus for Love like Oxygen n_n...

*snaps finger* JUST REMEMBERED! Last week was the episode of Dream TEam where they went to Hong Kong, China. In that episode Donghae ♥ was there. ^^ *screams* I took 59 pictures of him using my camera from TV. Means, I watched that episode while holding a camera in my hand and click evrytime I see DOnghae ♥