Sunday, September 26, 2010

1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4

It's time to dance! Since you all know that i love to dance, well the k-pop wave had already hit my country and not only do they have awesome songs but great choreography. So, far i manage to learn one song full and now on the way to finishing to other songs. The song that i can do the full choreography is 'Super junior's It's you'. The songs that i'm learning now are SHINee's Lucifer and also Sistar's Shady Girl. SHINee's song, i guess i can say 86% done. I haven't given up yet just resting from it cause of frustration over not getting it right. And also sistar's song is catchy and besides, i just watch a video of a guy .. i repeat, a GUY doing shady girl ! I mean, i'm a girl and i can't do it yet. After i watch the video i felt like i was threaten and beaten. So, i wanna show that i as a girl of course can do a girl's group dance n_n... So, right now, i'm still learning "hwaiting'!